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A San Diego region that achieves zero carbon by 2035 through a fair and just transition for workers and communities of concern, the creation of good family-sustaining union jobs, and the development of affordable, equitable, and inclusive communities powered by 100% clean, renewable energy.




We’re a community with a natural bias toward action and collaboration. We carry the load together by building purposeful relationships grounded in cooperation and a shared vision of a San Diego Green New Deal.


We stand in solidarity with struggles for climate, racial, economic, and social justice. Our collective survival requires us to replace a worldview that is deeply rooted in white supremacy, hierarchy, and dominance with a cooperative, egalitarian, and explicitly anti-racist vision for our future.


The people that make up our Alliance come from all walks of life. We respect and value diverse life experiences and work hard to create an environment that is inclusive of all. We’re marching toward a more sustainable, equitable, and just future for our region.


We bring passion and energy to this work, knowing that growing the base of engaged, active advocates is essential to winning a San Diego Green New Deal. We are agile and flexible, responding to local, statewide, and federal opportunities to advance our vision.



We are a grassroots coalition of 58 local businesses, environmental, labor, social justice, and community-based organizations, in partnership with countless volunteers, dedicated to the fight for climate, jobs, and justice.

But we can’t win a San Diego Green New Deal without you!


Join an initiative as an individual or sign your organization up as an Alliance member to get active.

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