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The San Diego Green New Deal Alliance is a coalition of 60+local businesses, environmental, labor, social justice, and community-based organizations, in partnership with countless volunteers, dedicated to the fight for climate, jobs, and justice. 


We need all hands on deck to win a San Diego region that achieves zero carbon by 2035 through a fair and just transition for workers and communities of concern, the creation of good family-sustaining union jobs, and the development of affordable, equitable, and inclusive communities powered by 100% clean, renewable energy.


Join our growing movement as an organization or individual volunteer!

We ask all activists to read and commit to following our Alliance’s vision, guidelines and community agreement.



Are you interested in keeping up with the San Diego Green New Deal Alliance and hearing about events, campaigns, and more?


Stay up-to-date on our fight for climate, jobs, and justice.


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Is your business or organization committed to advancing climate, jobs, and justice? 


Become a member of the San Diego Green New Deal Alliance!

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