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Subject Line:

San Diegans Want a Green New Deal CAP


georgettegomez@sandiego.gov, vivianmoreno@sandiego.gov, scottsherman@sandiego.gov, chriscate@sandiego.gov, markkersey@sandiego.gov, monicamontgomery@sandiego.gov, christopherward@sandiego.gov, jennifercampbell@sandiego.gov, barbarabry@sandiego.gov, kevinfaulconer@sandiego.gov

Email Body:

Dear Councilmembers and Mayor Faulconer,

I am writing to urge you to champion a “San Diego Green New Deal” Climate Action Plan as the City of San Diego updates its Climate Action Plan this year.

A “San Diego Green New Deal” Climate Action Plan would:

  • Commit and chart the path to a Zero Carbon region by 2035;
  • Ensure a fair transition for workers and communities of concern;
  • Prioritize Communities of Concern in investments;
  • Develop affordable and inclusive communities.
  • Create good family-supporting union jobs;

At this critical moment in time when Covid has devastated our communities, we are faced with the choice of perpetuating the fossil fuel economy, or investing in a sustainable future. We urge you to champion a Climate Action Plan update that both jump-starts economic recovery and transitions San Diego to a just, zero carbon future.

We are living through challenging times, and we must rise to meet that challenge with bold action. Once again, I urge you to champion a “San Diego Green New Deal” Climate Action Plan. We look forward to partnering with you.

Thank you,

[Your Name]